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  • December 10Unified basketball game will air on Wed., December 19th, during the 7am-10am (ET) SportsCenter on ESPN2!!

  • December 6December 19th and 20th-Final Exam Schedule

  • November 29Winter spirit week is Dec. 3rd-7th. The theme is “Zero Degrees” for the week.

Austin Hepola
I really enjoy getting to know people and the concept of news in general, I love being able to inform people on interesting news around us (I’m a bit nosey as you can see). I like hanging out with my friends where we conduct our Bible studies. Usually I work most of the time as well, so I like making money which is also known as accumulating bread.

Austin Hepola, Sports Editor

Dec 04, 2018
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Dec 01, 2018
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