The Last Seven Days

A Bittersweet Goodbye

Jordan Jaggard, Editor-in-Chief

I came to Kellis in August of 2017. I was on my third high school and only ended up here because it is my ‘zoned school’, and to be honest at first, I was not entirely thrilled.

I was a ‘senior’ who had to stay one more semester, making that four and a half years of high school. I did not know anyone, but to my surprise, I needed the fresh start more than I knew. I had never seen a marching band, or a real pep assembly, and walking up the grand staircase was real work at first.

What I found in this new place for myself was a home. I had never been able to express creativity- let alone have teachers celebrate it before in a school, before Kellis.

In one week from today, I will be moving onto my next home, Glendale Community College.

If there is anything I have learned is that there is something for everyone here, whether it be to meet all of the fascinating teachers, or the fantastic CTE programs, or just the community of pride.

If I were to leave anything behind it would be this little tidbit- If anyone here is lacking pride in their own school, take a second to appreciate where you are and all that school has to offer. School will be the easiest and best job any of us students will have. Get involved, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks – find what you like to do and do it.

So one last time before the curtain drops:

Cougar Pride … is it in you?