Arts and Life Reporter Travels to Florida

Disney World, Warm Water, and Gators

Cinderella's Castle captivates all ages.

Aalyssa Olsen

Cinderella's Castle captivates all ages.

Aalyssa Olsen, Arts and Life Reporter

On October 27th I woke up at 5 a.m. to catch a plane ride to Orlando, Florida. The plane ride was four hours long, but as soon as we landed and I went outside and I couldn’t believe how fresh the air was. Arizona is very dry, so when I went into a fresher setting it felt really refreshing. My family and I got an Airbnb for the week. The houses are painted in lighter colors, which is different than Arizona where the colors of our houses are painted in warm colors, like tan and brown. Another thing I noticed right away was how green it was, everywhere I looked it was green.

The first day, right after we finished unpacking, we went straight to Universal Studios and explored the entire theme park. We went on a lot of rides, but my favorite ride was “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.” The second day we went to Disney World’s theme park Magic Kingdom. We made sure to get the fast passes for the most popular rides at Disney World, such as “Space Mountain,” “Splash Mountain,” and “Big Thunder Mountain.”

The next day we went to another theme park which was Disney’s Animal Kingdom and looked at animals and took a safari tour which saved us a lot of walking. The fourth day we decided to take a break from the theme parks and just relax, so we went to Coco Beach and walked on the pier and ate some food. The beach was not crowded at all and the whole setting was very relaxing. We watched the surfers and walked along the shore. The difference between California’s ocean water and Florida’s is the water in Florida is warm and you can go out and swim and surf in the winter and have no issues with the water being cold.

The day before our flight back home we went to GatorLand and we got to see a man wrestle an alligator and we got to feed some of the alligators. On the last day we took the day to just relax and pack our things up so we were ready to get on the plane the next day. The day of our flight back home was stressful because we were very eager to get home; we got on the plane and it felt like the longest flight ever, but it felt nice to finally come home, see my dog, and sleep in my bed.