Park West Peoria Farmers Market

Food Options for Every Palate


Andrew Mowrey

Farm fresh veggies available to complement holiday meals.

Areli Sedano and Andrew Mowrey

The Park West Peoria Farmers Market is an interesting and diverse experience for every kind of consumer. The farmer’s market is located at Park West and is open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Many farmers from around the valley visit Peoria to sell their bounty.

There is more to the farmer’s markets than just vegetable and fruit stands; there is also a mixture of cultural diversity, food trucks, popular music, and highly welcoming people. These farmers have freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, multiple types of bread, souvenirs, and spiritual items.

The food trucks provide a variety of delicious foods from around the country, such as ribs, steaks, and fresh fish products. The cooks are kind and patient when it comes to ordering a meal, and their service is always top notch. The farmer’s market is definitely the place to be.