Make the Most of Four-Year HS Journey

Seniors Reflect Back on their Freshman Year

Left to Right:  Seniors, Jaqueline Martinez and Signe Abarr

Mia Lucas

Left to Right: Seniors, Jaqueline Martinez and Signe Abarr

Camila Sais and Jennifer Hernandez

Seniors have many things they wish they could have done differently their freshman year, such as their grades or how focused they were. Seniors Yannet Saldana, Jaqueline Martinez Guzman, and Signe Abarr are a few seniors among many who wish they could have done things differently.

Saldana would have focused more. Reflecting on the subject, she shared, “I would definitely change that, because my rank and GPA went down and I would have applied to more schools for college.”

Abarr did not really know what was happening, so she did not have the grades she was capable of getting. She said, “I probably would have asked more questions and would have gotten help if I needed it” and Senior Martinez Guzman stated, “I was totally focused and my grades were only A’s and B’s.”

Freshman year can go two ways: good or bad. For senior Saldana her freshman year was great. She highlighted, “I was in sports med club which got me involved with more people and made my freshman year memorable.”

“I spent my entire life at one school, so I only knew the people who went to my school so having and making new friends was great,” said Abarr about her freshman year.

Martinez Guzman’s year was also a good year. He said, “It was awesome because I met amazing people. I loved hanging out with my best friend; he made it worth a while.”

As freshmen, future seniors start the beginning of making four years’ worth of memories.

Saldana said, “I joined dance and It made my freshman year so memorable.”

A memory Martinez Guzman cherishes was having the courage to talk to her best friend in P.E. because she says, “He is a cool guy.”

Abarr would like all freshmen to know, “Love yourself, people are going to try to make you feel badly about yourself, but you have to remember that people love you and that the world isn’t really falling apart. Pick yourself up and go to the people you love the most and be amazed by how great you feel when you surround yourself with loving and caring people.”