Kellis Fall Sports Wrap-Up

Coaches and Players Reflect on Season Highlights and Hurdles

RSK fans show up and show their school spirit at a girls' volleyball match.

RSK fans show up and show their school spirit at a girls’ volleyball match.

RSK Boys’ Varsity Football:

The Raymond S. Kellis varsity football team went 0-10 after a tough season. For first year head coach Stephen Hogg, the season did not go as well as he wished. When asked how the 2018 season went, Coach Hogg responded with “Obviously we didn’t win any games, so, as far as record goes and scoreboard goes, it did not go well, but I think the boys learned a lot about dealing with adversity, perseverance, and determination.” He added, that they learned how to be “great teammates, despite outside influences and criticism.”

Coach Hogg also shared thoughts about who the standout players were during the season. Hogg said, “A couple guys who stood out and accepted leadership roles would be Cade Peterson and Angel Martinez. Both of those guys tried to take a vocal leadership role and tried to rally the troops when we were down and that kind of thing.”

Looking forward to next season, Coach Hogg stated, “One thing we have to do better is get faster and stronger, so that the players coming back next season are ready.” Additional team goals include, “Raising our football IQ and just understanding the game.” Hogg hopes to see improvement in the beginning of the 2019 football season on and off the field.

RSK Swim:

This past season for the Kellis swim team was a positive one, according to team captain Izabella Garcia. Garcia said, “I think we did really good this year, other than the previous years, the girls actually worked as a team; we were really close and bonded well.”

Garcia is apparently the favorite when it comes to leaders on the team. “She knows when to shut us up,” teammate Brianna Leanos-Sanders claims. Garcia stated that all of the captains (Nick, Josue, Michelle, and herself) do a great job of being a leader.

When asked how she believes next season will go, with her and many other teammates graduating, Garcia said that the team will do fine because of the great coaching that the team has. Although it will be sad to see the seniors leave, next year’s swim team will be looking to mimic the team bonding that has been built over the last few years.

RSK Cross Country:

Kellis cross country did well this season. Coach Hill shared that the team was very young this year, but that did not stop them from being successful each week. He described this year as, “A building year for them; they really pushed through where they needed to push through.” Caleb Joseph, Yamile Ruvalcaba, and Nathan Peirce were motivating leaders who were always getting the team warmed up and ready.

RSK Girls’ Varsity Golf:

Being a first year head coach can be a difficult endeavor, but Coach Danko was willing to take on the challenge this year with the Kellis girls’ varsity golf. Danko stated that this past season was a “learning year.” Danko further explained that the roster was almost entirely new, with all of the seniors on the team graduating last year.

When asked if anyone on the team stood out this past season, Danko thoughtfully shared, “Definitely Jodie Fernandez, who was our senior and team captain. She was our four-year letterman of our golf program … Jodie definitely was the leader of the team, she was our number one.”

Danko then explained that the plan for next year is to recruit freshmen and when asked his overall thoughts of the season he said, “This was year 1 of what I hope will be a long-time run in this program and [we will] continue to build it.” Danko encourages any girls who might have an interest, to look out for tryouts next fall. He believes they will enjoy learning the game of golf.

RSK Boys’ Varsity Golf:

The boys’ varsity golf season went well in terms of progress, although they did not win as many games. The toughest team that the boys’ golf competed against was Thunderbird High School.

According to teammate Ryley Fernandez, Zach shows the most leadership within the team. Fernandez stated, “I think that Mason is a great player/leader because he strives to help others.” Ryley’s best game was against Saint Mary’s and Dysart. He actually medaled in 1st place. To improve for next year, the team will practice over the summer and spend a lot of time golfing.

When they lost games, they blamed it on losing focus and giving up early. Fernandez believes that he played consistenly and showed growth in the game. Be on the lookout for next seasons boys’ golf team as they focus more on team-bonding and team chemistry.

RSK Girls’ Badminton:

The season went well this year, as the girls’ badminton team had only three losses. The toughest team that they faced happened to be Sunrise Mountain High School, according to teammate Marina Castaneda. Castaneda also stated that Adamarie exhibits the most leadership within the team. Marina claimed, “I believe that Jennifer Tran is a great player and so is Adamarie Mata.”

Their best game was against Glendale High School, according to several teammates. For next year, they will improve on working better as a team. When they lost those few games-the mistakes that they made-were the result of giving up easily.