Kellis Welcomes 18 Teachers

Mrs. Lamoreaux Brings Experience and a Passion for Teaching


Mrs. Lamoreaux is honored to join the caring Kellis community.

Jadyn Chavez, Kellis News Reporter

There are eighteen teachers new to Kellis this year. One of those new teachers is English teacher, Mrs. Lamoreaux, who taught at Country Meadows for eleven years prior to coming to Kellis.

Mrs. Lamoreaux became a teacher because she loves kids, especially teenagers, and she wanted to teach them content and be a positive role model in their lives.

“When I was a young girl I would always play school and always pretend to be the teacher,” said Mrs. Lamoreaux.

Mrs. Lamoreaux is a caring and patient person, who wants a relationship with her students and does so by making them feel comfortable and making them want to come to her class.

“In order to be successful in my class you must, always be honest with me, stay awake, do your work, and participate,” expressed Mrs. Lamoreaux.

At her previous job she taught 7th grade math for two years and then she taught 8th grade ELA for nine years. Then she went to Kellis to teach more English to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and senior students at Kellis.

Mrs. Lamoreaux loves each class that she teaches, because they are all very energetic and have learned to care about each other. Her favorite thing about Kellis so far, is just seeing her former students achieve in her class. But her career goal is looking forward to retirement.

Mrs. Lamoreaux just loves to spend time with her grand-kids, when she has free time, but she especially loves to read books by her favorite authors: Diane Chamberlin and Jodi Picoult.

Mrs. Lamoreaux believes that all students at Kellis can benefit from a Leadership Skills Class.

“I am very honored to teach at Kellis because it is such a caring community,” stated Mrs. Lamoreaux, English teacher.