A Culture of Violence

A Call to Action for My Peers

Jordan Jaggard, Editor-in-Chief

Someone yells across the hallway, “There’s a fight!” It is barely first hour and there is another tally added to the list of students who have lost their school pride this year, and students run to the event, adrenaline running, phones come flying out. Whoever has the most views wins, more than the stars of the show.

This is the reality of many high schools across the country, leaving students to walk into school with their heads down, just hoping to not look at someone the wrong way. Let’s not forget that many freshmen are as young as thirteen. Everyone at a school is involved in creating the environment, and what students sometimes see is a culture of violence.

No one, from freshmen to seniors, should be questioning their safety at school, yet here we are, making high school the lion’s den every single day.

Students need to understand that when they record incidents of violence at school, and post it on social media, it is forever stuck on the Internet. This may not resonate with many of my peers now, but in a couple of years, when we are transitioning into adulthood and attempting to erase what we have posted, we may not be able to.

Principal Mr. Wooten was willing to be interviewed on the topic. When asked about what the, “See something, say something” motto means to him, he replied by saying that it is “…Conscientious students who see or hear something that is inappropriate for school,” in hopes that students can trust school staff enough to let them know.

The idea behind the motto “See something, say something” is to prevent incidents before they happen, to prevent more violence before it happens.

It’s not cool, it should not be done for ‘hype’, and it is affecting more than just our Snap stories; it is hurting this generation.