One-Thousand Transactions Per Week in Student Store

Food, Drinks, and T-Shirts, Oh My!

The Kellis Student Store provides snacks, RSK gear, and work experience.

Mia Lucas

The Kellis Student Store provides snacks, RSK gear, and work experience.

Emely Montoya and Mia Lucas

The Raymond S. Kellis student store conducts about one thousand transactions per week. Student store manager, Jennifer Nachtigal (Ms. Jen), revealed insights of the current student store.

Ms. Jen explained how they get the money for all the products:  “We are self-sustainable, so the money that kids spend in here goes into the store, then we use the intern to purchase the items to resell.”

The left-over money has benefited club activities and various aspects of the school.

Ms. Jen said, “…We use the money for Deca so the kids can go on trips… and in the past we’ve also used it for signage and actually purchased things for the school.”

With all this going on, Ms. Jen does not run the store alone; she gets help from her intern and students.

“I have one paid intern that comes every day, Simon Williams, and then…the members of Deca are supposed to come in and volunteer and… the kids that are in marketing classes, they have an assigned day. So, like once a month… [Some kids are] supposed to come in here for half of their lunch…” explained Ms. Jen.

Ms. Jen added that even though students are supposed to come in help, that does not always happen. “Sometimes it gets really busy and it’s hard to get people in here to help. A lot of times at lunch time they forget, and it will be me and a line out the door…So we definitely need people in here helping us because I can’t do it by myself.”

Since Ms. Jen is one of the only people there, she welcomes assistance. She said, “If you’d like to come in, we’ll allow you to come in. You just have to come and ask me and figure out which is the best time… So sometimes we have other classes in here working and the other kids, it gets busy back here… So maybe people can come in and help during third lunch instead of fourth.”

Student helpers working in the store, must be trained, and there are certain guidelines that must be followed.