Fast Forward Three Years

Freshmen Contemplate Their Future

Sara Nowdomski, School Treasurer, leading RSK Freshmen into the future.

Sara Nowdomski, School Treasurer, leading RSK Freshmen into the future.

As freshmen grow and continue in their high school career, they start to think about their hopes and wants for their senior year. In a recent interview, freshmen Justin Dao, Sara Nowdomski, and Jocelyn Martinez, talked about their goals for senior year. By senior year all three freshmen would like to have straight A’s.

When asked about how they plan on balancing sports with school and at home life Dao said, “I plan on balancing them by doing sports and clubs one at a time so I’m never in in two clubs at once or in a club and sport at once.”

Nowdomski has found that the best way to balance sports and clubs with school and at home life is by joining clubs that work with her schedule instead of against it.

Martinez is going to balance sports, clubs, school and home life by prioritizing the most important tasks.

When it comes to graduating early Dao said he would not want to because he said, “I wanna continue my high school year and have fun and learn a little more and take the classes I wanted to, but didn’t have the opportunities too.”

Nowdomski said, “You know that’s always been in the back of my mind and if I find out high school isn’t as fun as I would think it would be, I would totally try to graduate early.”

Martinez said, “No, because I want to have all four years of high school and have that high school experience.”

Seniors may have an option of having late start or early release if they have earned enough credits by their final year; Dao and Martinez would like to come to school later in the day because they would like to get more sleep, they said with a smile.

Unlike Dao and Martinez, Nomdomski would like to leave early so she can have more time to do what she wants to do.

Relationships with teachers is always an important thing to have as a senior and Dao would like to have a good, enjoyable, and fun relationship with his teachers.

Nowdomski would like her relationships with her teachers to be friendly rather than strict by her senior year.

Martinez simply wants her relationships with teachers to be good. She wants them to appreciate the effort she puts in as much as she appreciates the effort they put in.