Library Book Exchange Program

Creative Idea for Recycling Gently-Used Books


Emiliano Villa

The Kellis Library is branching into new ideas.

Kaliah Swann, Danny Alonso, and Emiliano Villa

RSK librarian, Ginny Null recently proposed the idea of a book exchange. This idea suggests trading in used books for another book. This system is dependent on the condition of the reader’s book. If a book is brought in poor condition, it will be exchanged for a regular book buck, but if one is brought in good condition, it will be exchanged for a “special” book buck.

This program will allow for more readers to read more books without spending a dime. Graphic novels will be allowed to trade, but comic books are not going to be available for a trade until further notice. If this idea goes as planned, it would mean there would be a new variety of books in the library, including comic books. The date of this idea is currently unknown since Mrs. Null is still working out the system for this idea. This book exchange program is pending principal approval. If approved, this idea could lead to a whole new way of reading.

December 4th, 2018 Article Update:  The “RSK Book Swap” has officially started. See Mrs. Null or a library representative for more information.