The Raymond S. Kellis Student Store

The Raymond S. Kellis Student Store

Isaac Serrato, Astrid Morales, Student Journalist

Student Store

Cookies, chips, drinks, and ice cream. These are all products that you can buy at the Student Store. In recognition of the Student Store the Paw Press interviewed Ms. Nachtigal, the manager of the Student Store, about the responsibilities that come with managing and the benefits that come from working there.

Managing the Student Store comes with many responsibilities such as making daily deposits, ordering more products, baking more cookies, cleaning the store, teaching the students how to run it, and making sure to restock. When asked how many times the Student Store must restock in a day, Ms. Nachtigal responded with “three times a day”. That means the student store restocks its shelves twenty-one times per week!

Working at the Student Store provides great work experience and teaches the students who run it many important tools. They learn how to handle money, how to deal with customers, and FIFO. FIFO (First In First Out) is an asset-management method in which whatever is produced or acquired first is the first to be sold.

Managing the Student Store can get overwhelming from time to time but Ms. Nachtigal said that “the kids are her relief”. Ms. Nachtigal said that her favorite part about working at the Student Store is that she gets to work with them because they keep her grounded. There are about 5-7 students from DECA and marketing that work there at a time.

The Student Store requires a lot of work to maintain and keep up with the demand for goods, but all that work comes with a passion to provide good service and quality products. Next time you visit the Student Store, make sure to thank the attendants that help you!