Celebrating National Photography Day with Mr. Bujan


Breana Askren and Gabby Cornejo Munoz, Student Journalists

World Photography Day is on Thursday, Aug. 19. To celebrate, the RSK Paw Press wrote a spotlight article covering the field of photography and visited one of our photography teachers here at Kellis, Mr. Bujan, for an interview.

The word photography is derived from the Greek photos (light) and graphene (to draw). Photography is a means of visual communication and expression, and photography has different distinct aesthetic capabilities. Photography is a fantastic way to tell stories, capture memories, and express yourself. It can be a beautiful piece of art, or a precious moment frozen in time, and that’s why photography is essential.

Photographers are the people behind the camera capturing those wonderful memories. Mr. Bujan is a photography teacher here at Raymond Kellis.  He first became interested in photography at age 17 while on a road trip with his grandparents to Alaska. Relying on a disposable camera, Mr. Bujan had set high expectations of the first photos he would ever snap. Unfortunately, he explained that the developed pictures were rougher in quality than he had expected. Yet, the road trip sparked an interest that would lead him to the field of photography. In this way, that first experience was the beginning of Mr. Bujan’s own education.

While serving in the military, he continued to pursue this interest. He had the opportunity to teach others the fundamentals of photography. During this time, he realized his love for teaching, which would lead him to where he is now. Mr. Bujan believes photography can help others connect, especially today, when communication can at times be challenging.

Over the summer, Mr. Bujan said that photography helped to connect with his late father.  Past photographs from his father’s life helped Mr. Bujan to learn more about him, even now.  His father’s images helped him see a side to his father he had not seen before.  In this way, these photographs are a collection of important memories that otherwise could not be revisited. This is part of what has made photographs so important regardless of all of the changes to the technology used to take them.

Toward the end of our interview, Mr. Bujan explained why photography is such an important medium. In our own words, he explained that images of a person can tell you so much about another their story. They can help you make connections with people close to you or even people on the other side of the world. Photography has the power to make people feel different emotions and can motivate people to take action.