Being Late Brings Consequences

Suspension for Tardies

Brianna McCain, Editorial Writer

There is an estimate of 1,397 tardies in just the first two months of the 2018-2019 school year here at Raymond S. Kellis.

The 2018-2019 Raymond S. Kellis Student Handbook, states in the Tardy Practice section, “A tardy student is defined as any student who is not inside the classroom when the tardy bell rings.”

This year’s policy is not an improvement but does replace sweep. Instead of students going to sweep where they miss the whole class period, the consequences of being late to class depend on how many times a student has been late per semester.

One to three tardies receives no consequence, four to eight tardies receives an after-school detention, nine to eleven tardies receives on-campus-suspension, and twelve or more tardies receives off-campus- suspension and even possible loss of credit.

Assistant principal Mr. Vining said that there needs to be consequences for being late to school.

Vining agrees that missing school as punishment for missing school is counterintuitive, but the school is trying to change the behavior of the students to lower the amount of tardies.

According to Attendance Secretary, Jeanne Culotta, suspending students after so many tardies is more of a last resort, when a student has nine to eleven tardies.

Parents are only able to excuse up to three tardies by coming in to the school and signing the student in as late. In the handbook it states that students cannot be called in by a parent for being late. The school wishes to prepare the students for the work environment.

Vining commented that Kellis has not seen any change in the amount of tardies with the new policy. The school is considering a new policy to try and lower the amount of tardies.