National Coffee Day

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Madilyn Metzler & Laurilee Sanchez, Student Journalists

Get ready, because National Coffee Day is around the corner on Friday, Oct. 1! This is your chance to get free coffee! You can get free or discounted coffee and plenty of different places like: Krispy Kreme, High Brew Coffee, Dunkin’, McDonald’s, Godiva, and Sheetz. National Coffee Day was originally created to promote and celebrate coffee and to also promote fair trade coffee and to raise awareness for the difficult job of coffee growers.  

We asked an English teacher here at Raymond Kellis, Mr. Berchiolli, about what his thoughts on coffee were. He stated that he loved coffee and had it, “5 days a week at least.” Mr. B also said that his own perfect cup of coffee,” … would have lots of caramel, cold and smooth with absolutely no whipped cream”. He noted not preferring whipped cream. or a whole lot of chocolate, in or on his coffee. When we asked for his favorite coffee spot, Mr. B told us that he preferred Dutch Bros, but he used to be a loyal Starbucks patron. Minus one for Starbucks!