The Jungle unites to ignite the fans. (Makayla Robertson)
The Jungle unites to ignite the fans.

Makayla Robertson

A Peek Into “The Jungle”

December 3, 2018

“The Jungle” founders and current sponsors, Kellis science teacher Ms. Haskins, and P.E. teacher Mrs. Perdomo, collaborated to create a student-lead fan base after recognizing that the student section at athletic events needed energizing. Their initial thoughts were:  “What if we can get a student section together?” They believe, “If you change the atmosphere you change the culture.”

Motivated by a desire to inspire more spirit in the stands, the founders believe that this student-led group, has the potential to create more fun at the games.

Senior “Jungle” leaders, Sam Curran and Hector Cardenas, hope to see “crazy hype” in the stands, especially from the seniors. They want to encourage students to have more Cougar Pride during sporting events.

Cardenas expressed, “Live out your years in high school. Have fun, get out, and make friends.”

Being a Jungle Leader does not just make one part of the jungle-also having school spirit and showing cougar pride plays an important role.

Ms. Haskins explained that, “It’s all student ran. They come up with the ideas, we make it happen.” She adds that any Kellis student can contribute and be a part of “The Jungle” experience.

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