In the Minds of Fellow Freshmen

November 4, 2018

Freshman, Libby Short, shares her views on what high school is really like.

Aryonna Mason

Freshman, Libby Short, shares her views on what high school is really like.

Freshmen Marshaun Wright, Giselle Pereyra, Graciela Zacarias, Evelyn Vargas, and Libby Short gave their insight  about the expectations they had for high school and what the reality is. 

When it comes to the social aspect of high school Wright said, “I thought it was going to be more bullying, for example like ‘move freshmen’.” However, Wright explained that the social aspect is “normal.” 

Zacarias and Vargas were expecting there be less face to face communication, because of social media, but they have realized that is not the case. 

Pereyra was expecting to be the person who did not talk to many people but, she finds this not to be the truth.  

“I thought it would be a lot different from elementary school but it’s kinda the same,” said Short, about the social aspects of high school. 

In high school, friendships can be a tricky thing, and because of that Wright, Pereyra, Zacarias, Vargas, and Short were expecting to have to make all new friends, but they were able to keep all their previous friends plus make new friends.  

Zacarias and Vargas were expecting the school atmosphere to be completely different than what they are. 

Vargas said, “You may be struggling at times but that’s only temporary, just work through it because-you got this dude.” 

Just like Pereyra, Short did expect the atmosphere to change by people acting different towards each other, but finds the atmosphere to be similar to what she is used to.  

When it comes to classes Wright expected his classes to be different than what he is used to but, he says, they are not that different. 

Pereyra was expecting longer classes and having a longer distance to walk between classes but her classes are shorter than she expected. 

Zacarias and Vargas were expecting their classes to be complicated, but realized they are easy to manage.  

Short was expecting her classes to be hard but she actually finds them fun now that she can pick her own electives.  

It is common knowledge that movies and shows dramatize what high school is like which can influence students’ thoughts about high school.  

Wright was expecting to have one person he likes and one person he dislikes freshman year, because that is what he has seen in movies and shows but, he is enjoying freshman year a lot and has managed to meet many friendly people.  

When it comes to how movies and shows affected Pereyra’s thoughts on freshman year she said, “Ever since I was little, I thought high school was going to be like High School Musical and it seemed so easy, I couldn’t wait to go to high school.” Pereyra says, that high school has been great so far and she enjoys making new friends. 

Zacarias and Vargas agree with Pereyra’s statement.  

“I don’t know I didn’t think it would be easy. Um but I definitely thought it would be a lot different like, no one would really get along, but it’s not like that. Everyone here, not everyone but most people here are super nice like teachers are really understanding,” said Short on the matter of movies and shows affecting her thoughts on what freshman year would be like. 

Zacarias added she wanted all freshmen to know how that, “Overall don’t worry about what people have to say about you just get your work done and focus on your education.” 

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