Powderpuff 2018

Seniors Comeback from 12-0 Deficit to Defeat Juniors

Senior Players Capture a Win.

Senior Players Capture a Win.

Jaydin Gonzales and Jasmin Espinoza

After many continuous years of the annual Powderpuff Football games at Raymond S. Kellis, juniors, sophomores and seniors continue to compete against each other for class supremacy. The first game consisted of the juniors and sophomores. While most of the game was quiet, the juniors drove down field from their own 20-yard line to the opponent’s 5-yard line with a tremendous run by Azure Perry (running back) with little less than five minutes to go in the second half. Suzie Normandin (quarterback) throws a 5-yard touchdown, hitting Isabella Gutierrez (outside receiver) on a slant route to the right, putting the juniors up 6-0 within the last few minutes of the second half, also winning the game against the sophomores.

With the juniors coming off a well-earned win against the sophomores, they were looking for their second win of the night facing a tough senior team. Juniors came off strong when Normandin (quarterback) throws a 15-yard pass to Gutierrez for a touchdown to put the juniors up 6-0 against the seniors at the beginning of the first half. Seniors received a kick off and set up shop at their own 20. Terresa Pratt, also known as “T” (quarterback) threw two 15-yard passes in a row, which got them past the 50-yard line and into their opponent’s territory. This move lead to a 35-yard pass to Laura Felix-Corona (wide receiver) to put them in the red zone. T (quarterback) threw an interception to give the juniors the lead and the ball at the end of the first half. Azure received a handoff which lead to a 25-yard run and back to back, in the red zone Normandin (quarterback) threw a pass to Azure (running back) to put the juniors up 12-0 against the seniors.

As the seniors trail with the ball, they took the ball down field from their own 20 to put themselves in the red zone on the 15 which lead to a touchdown thrown by T (quarterback) to Laura (wide receiver) cutting the lead in half with a 2-point conversion to only put them down 4. Juniors go 3 and out on their possession which gave the seniors the ball with minutes remaining on the clock. As the seniors traveled down field, T (quarterback) ran in with a 10 yard touchdown to put them up by 2 as time expired, juniors with no time left are forced a few plays and with no hope. The clock hit triple zeros–the Seniors win 14-12 and more importantly will stay defending champions until the 2019 Powderpuff game.