Behind The Scenes: The Bonfire

The Kellis Carnival Lights Up the Night.

Mia Lucas

The Kellis Carnival Lights Up the Night.

Aryonna Mason and Mia Lucas

Band and Student Council members, who helped with the bonfire, gave insight to the hard work and preparation that went into making September 27th a memorable night.

For the bonfire, band members played the fight song. Freshman, band member Alissa Lancer, explained why they chose to play the Fight Song.

“Well, we all just picked it because it’s just, it’s fun to play and we wanted to make sure everyone would actually listen to it and we all know how to play it and we’re all pretty good at it. So we just want to make sure that it’s a good time for everyone,” Lancer said.

Not only did band have to make decisions, so did Student Council. The whole bonfire was a big challenge for them.

Senior, Student Council member Saniya Thomas described the challenges and the time that went into the bonfire.

“I think getting in touch with the fire department and then getting a fire permit, because that’s really important, if we don’t have it [the fire permit] then we can’t have a bonfire,” said Thomas. She explained everything took about three-four weeks to setup.

With all the work that went into the bonfire, Thomas had one last message she wanted everyone to hear,

“Overall with all the stressful events that went behind the scenes of the bonfire, I’m super glad that everything went well and safe and many people enjoyed being at the event and got even more hyped for homecoming. That’s my biggest motivation to keep working and moving forward,” said Thomas.