The Reigning Royalty

“Life’s a Ride” Homecoming 2018


Isabella Aguirre and Alex Demeter, Class of 2019 Homecoming Queen and King.

Viviana Cordero, Kellis News Editor

Every great outcome requires great effort. Our homecoming royalty and homecoming royalty committee modeled this perfectly.

Alex Demeter and Isabella Aguirre class of 2019 homecoming King and Queen had a desire to run together. Queen Aguirre said, “I wanted to experience being homecoming Queen with Alex and we wanted to do it together for our last year.”

They achieved this desire due to their great effort. Isabella Aguirre said, “If I wasn’t a senior I would run again.”

As a result, their experience, Isabella Aguirre stated, “I would have been campaigning more and trying to tell people in person at school to go vote for us.”

Jorge Castaneda and Isabella Gutierrez class of 2020s homecoming Prince and Princess were quick to explain their win was a product of their aspiration to make this homecoming a memorable one. Prince Jorge Castaneda said, “My freshman year I didn’t have the best homecoming unfortunately, we’ve all seen this scene in many movies, and I couldn’t remember a whole lot last year due to a concussion so I wanted to run for royalty and I had a blast! I thought my chances would be higher if I ran with Isabella, I mean look at her! She’s gorgeous and she’s been my best friend since 6th grade.”

On the other hand, Isabella Gutierrez clarified Jorge’s ultimatum, “I’ll give you 24 hours to decide or I’ll ask someone else” is what drove her to put in the great effort that took them to their great outcome.

2018s homecoming royalty committee had a goal to create an enjoyable experience for not only the homecoming court but the student body. Sabrina Sagasta, participant of the homecoming royalty committee, claimed, “It took like three and a half weeks to prepare getting the crowns and sashes and setting up announcements and for the actual nominations to happen.”

Sagasta says, “The biggest challenge was making sure all the nominees knew what was going on and when and where they need to be at the coronation.”

Sagasta stated that in future years she hopes to see lower and upper classmen have the ability to vote for the couple of their choice no matter their class.