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Featured work by Michelle Mena, at the Raymond S. Kellis High School Art Show.

Featured work by Michelle Mena, at the Raymond S. Kellis High School Art Show.

Kellis Poets and Artists

A Dream of Silence

by Danny San Miguel

A Dream of Silence,

Where all that plays is naught but a memory,

With each passing second the day comes to an end,

The façade in which we live,

Just a simple dream of no words and little love,

Screaming out in pain,

Into the deep of the night,

As dark as it is,

The cry of the forgotten can be heard,

When the Silence is broken,

Only the screams exist,

To calm the nerves,

To calm the world,

A Promise of Life is made,

Everything has its place they say,

Where can I find mine?

In all the screams,

In all the pain,

In this silent place,

Of nothing but sadness,

Can life really be brought to us?

A Promise of Life,

A promise alone,

Keeps me hopeful for the coming day,

Another I live,

Dull as my eyes may be,

I hope only for a smile.



by Pedro Cancino

What do you think a leader is? –

A man is willing to do what is right in his own eyes.

But what about a leader?

What is a leader willing to do?

What does he/

she think is right?

In my opinion, a leader is supposed to make split-second decisions for the team

and ensure the safety of them as well.

A leader is supposed to be there for each teammate possible no matter what.

A leader must be willing to make the great sacrifice for the good of the team and the world!

So, what do you think a leader is?


by Michael Tran

Our heart is a blazing flame

The drums beat into our mind

As we scream out~

We are the warrior

We are conquering our challenge

We will go down in history

In our memories that stay true

Let the music roll down into our soul

Stay true to yourself and your family

For we are our own heroes.

“Upper Class Clash” (inspired from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen)

by Divine Ibitanga

Filled with arrogance, selfishness and too much pride.
He was handsome rich and loss of a guide.
Prejudiced with way too much pride.
A lost man in need – a long ride to love.
Seeking a woman of lower class,
would be unacceptable in a society so love-less.
Social status is forever an obstacle regardless.
Society where the poor are helpless,
and the rich can live shameless.
It is not expected for someone in the upper class
to approach and have in interest in someone in a lower class.
Darcy’s extreme wealth was an obstacle in the love story of him and the “low-class” Elizabeth.