Pop into a Job at Harkins Theatres

Andrea Owens, Arts, Life, and Literary Reporter

Andrea Owens

I started working at Harkins Theaters on November 9th, 2019. Harkins is my first job and it is an amazing place to work. There are many opportunities for growth, a lot of tremendous people you get to work with, and some pretty awesome perks. Harkins is a great and fun place for a first job.

Working at Harkins there are many different sections, and levels you will get to work at. First you start out as a team member working as an usher, where you clean and stock the theaters, bathrooms, and condiment stands. You also work door at this level, which is when you greet the guests, rip their tickets, and direct them as to where to go. After working these stations for awhile you will be trained to work the concession stand. Next, you will learn to work the box office, which is where you sell guests their tickets. After mastering all the stations, you will be promoted to team leader. Team leaders wear red shirts and help train the team members, and answer any of their questions. They watch over and lead the sections throughout the day. After a while of working as a “TL” as we call it you can put in to be interviewed for an assistant manager position. Afterward, if you so choose, you can continue to progress to manager, general manager, district manager, and so on.  You can also set you own availability; they understand you are a student and are flexible with the hours you can work. The many opportunities for growth and diversity is just one reason that makes Harkins so outstanding.

While working at Harkins you will meet and work with amazing people. I was nervous my first day, but meeting Zoe Pena, the team leader who trained me, my nervousness was relieved. She taught me how to clean the restrooms, stock the condiment stands, and so much more. The whole team was always there for me if I had any questions and were always willing to help. Your coworkers become friends there, you start competitions as to who can clean the theater the fastest, or even do “nose goes” for the dirty second row. You are doing work but having fun and making friends while doing it.  Harkins creates a vast and positive community between workers that even the guests can feel the positivity.

While working at Harkins you also get perks. Although we don’t get free concessions, we do get free movies. As a Harkins employee you can call in and so long as the theater isn’t to full you can see movies for free. Also, after a few raises you will start to receive guest passes that can be used by anyone to get in free to any movie that hasn’t has been released recently. While on your shift you also have access to free drinks and a popcorn on break, they have little designated cups and popcorn bags that you can go back and fill with any fountain drink and popcorn. This is mostly used for when on break, but can be used to get drinks while working as well. These perks are just a few that you will receive while working at Harkins.

Harkins truly is an exceptional place to work. There are many opportunities for growth, you get to work with an amazing team, and get perks. I have only worked at Harkins for a little over a month, but I can see myself working there for years. To all those looking for a place to start working, Harkins Theatres is a great place to consider.