Raise the Curtain for the Techies at Kellis Theatre

Photos Taken by Ms. Molly Triveline
In above picture: Jordyn Kinnard 9th, Kitana Cameron 9th, Conner Dewyer 9th, Sooah Kim 11th.

Bottom picture: Alejandra Ramirez 9th, Toby Weiss 11th, Kitana Cameron 9th, Alexia Avalos 9th.


“Break a Leg” is what you would say to many aspiring thespians, but theatre, there is another group that contributes to bringing many of our performances together: Tech. At Raymond S. Kellis High school, our technicians, also known as “techies”, oversee the behind the scenes work in our plays, performances, and even dance concerts. Many students that participate in tech get the chance to learn how to use different tools, develop your problem-solving skills, and be in charge of things like lights, sound, curtains, and building sets for upcoming plays. Toby Weiss, a Junior at RSK High School, said, “Tech is about creativity and working together to get the job done. You can learn special skills from tech that you can use in real life. It’s very useful and allows you to help around the school as well as give you experience that you can use in life.” In tech, all students of different grades get the chance to work on the show. Another student at RSK High School, freshman Alejandra Ramirez, said, “I joined tech because I was curious on how it worked behind the scenes.”

Ms. Molly Triveline, Director of the Theatre Department at RSK High School said, “Tech mainly does lights sounds, set, costumes, publicity, and props. If you do sound, you deal with mic systems, speaker systems and has a lot of problem solving. For lights, you do a lot of measuring and do the Photometric Study so you can know which lights to put where. You also hang lights, build the set, use tools like drills and saws. For costumes and sewing, you have to go to the renting agency to rent the costumes or you have to make them. Publicity has to deal with making fliers, making programs, and ushering. For props you have to build the props depending on what we need for the show.”

Tech is a key factor is bringing many of our school events together and it is a good chance to get involved with the school and connect with many of the students, so give a big round of applause to the Kellis techies!