Feel the Rhythm

Zack Vasquez, Arts, Life, and Literary Reporter

Raymond S Kellis’s Upcoming Dance Concert

Zack Vasquez
Raymond S Kellis High School dancers performing
The art of dance has always been able to allow people to express certain stories, emotions, or messages,
whether it be to a small audience, or society as a whole. Dance has been a way to convey positivity to
society and it also able to represent different cultures. At Raymond S Kellis High School, our Dance
Department, run by Ms. Watkins and Ms. Hailmann, has been able to give many students the
opportunity to express themselves through rhythm by performing in dance concerts, such as the
upcoming concert on November 21st and 22nd in the auditorium. When talking about the Dance
Department’s upcoming concert, Ms. Watkins said, “Alot of the music will be very upbeat and will be
very familiar to a lot of people, so that is what will make it a unique dance concert. It will also have a lot
of student choreography which will show off the skills that our students have, as opposed to doing a lot
of teacher-centered dances.”
While trying to get a better understanding of the Dance Department, the perspective of some of the
students must also be considered. Alanna Rothell, a junior at Raymond S Kellis High School detailed her
inspiration for joining dance by stating that, “I decided that I might as well try it, mostly because I don’t
mind trying new things and I ended up loving it a lot. I don’t think that you should worry about whether
you like it or not because you don’t really know until you try. It’s nice to get out of your comfort zone,
try new things, and meet new people because you might find something that you could be passionate
Another student at RSK High School, Leif Williams, a senior in the advanced dance class remarked
that, “Dance can teach you important life skills in the sense that you are being held accountable for
being on the team and performing well with others.”

Zack Vasquez
Raymond S Kellis High School dancers performing

Being a part of the dance program is not as simple as some may think because it takes certain skills such as teamwork, dedication, and time management. Although many are afraid to step out of their comfort zone, all teachers and fellow dancers encourage you to participate and become a part of the experience that many have found themselves to be passionate about.