Sophomore Lane: A Risk in the Making

Andrea Owens and Alanna Rothell

Andrea Owens
Sophomore Lane before school


Students have been arriving early to Raymond S. Kellis High School since its opening to get a parking spot on Orangewood Road. Many students are unaware of the rules for parking in the lot, and claim the lot is too expensive, thus they park on the street instead.

“Sophomore Lane,” as many students have come to call it, is where students park on the road between Kellis and Orangewood. Many students, who wish to stay anonymous, say the school lot is too expensive at $75, which is the cost of a parking pass at the beginning of the year, and which drops to half price after the first semester. The money earned from this fee goes to “an auxiliary account, [which is used for] upgrading the lot, security officers, maintenance for their cars, the parking passes themselves, and other miscellaneous things,” according to Ms. Dunn, the manager of the book store. Ms. Dunn also estimates that only about 250 students per year use the school lot. The price for parking in the lot was set by the board, so if it were to be changed, a new price would have to be presented and approved at a board meeting. As far as the requirements to get a parking pass go, it is not very difficult, according to Ms. Dunn you need, “a valid license, valid insurance, all your class fees paid, and the form filled out and signed.”

Many students park on Orangewood some because of their lack of knowledge about parking on the school lot, others because they feel the fee is too high. Instead of parking in the protected lot many students take the risk of getting their cars broken into, accidents, or parking violations, and park on the road. Students who park on Orangewood do so at their own risk.