Cougar Varsity Football


Justin Dao

Halftime break against Ironwood High School trailing 0-12

Justin Dao, Sports Reporter

The Raymond S. Kellis football team playing in their last Varsity football game on October 31, 2019 at home competing against Ironwood High School in tough battle to get their 2nd win in their final game of the season.

Opening the first quarter the Cougars were set to receive the football in the opening drive. As they pushed down the field early their passing looked rough, but their running was spectacular with number 15, A. Palacio, putting up 33 yards in 8 carries. Unfortunately, they did not convert the drive into points and had to punt the ball for 33 yards. Once they received the

ball, the Ironwood Eagles showed the Cougars they were not there to play around and scored a touchdown to put up 6 points, missing the field goal afterwards.

Kellis Cougars received the ball to start off the 2nd quarter of this intense match up, opening up with a new offensive tactic and started to pass the ball downfield more. This worked great putting great pressure on the Eagles as the Cougars held the ball for over half the quarter. However, the Eagles defense was spectacular and stopped the Cougars from getting a touchdown while their offense continued to shine and scored another touchdown putting up 6 more points to end off the first half of the game.

Coming back after halftime the Kellis Cougars looked out of it as they kicked the ball off to the Eagles to start the second half of the game, causing them to score almost instantly this time putting up 7 points. After getting the ball back the Eagles defense made a spectacular play to intercept the Cougar offense to turn the ball over leading to them scoring another touchdown putting on 6 more points. Receiving the ball again the Cougars finally found their rhythm and rushed down the field quickly while shutting down the Eagles defense greatly but missed the 30-yard field goal turning the ball over. As the 3rd quarter winds down the Eagles decide to throw a deep 90-yard pass to tight coverage and still came up with the ball to put in another touchdown scoring 19 points.

Coming in the 4th quarter the Kellis Cougars finally got into rhythm and shut down the Ironwood Eagles in every aspect. The Eagles offense struggled incredibly against the Cougar Defense causing an interception. The Cougars would end up scoring a touchdown in the late 4th quarter holding the Eagles to 0 points in the 4th quarter to wrap up their final game of the season.