Creative Writing Club’s Upcoming Novel

Alanna Rothell, Arts, Life, and Literary Reporter

RSK’s Creative Writing Club is writing a novel, a collaboration between seven club members and their
advisor, Mrs. Petersel. The book centers around James Michael Grey, an eccentric candle-maker with
Dissociative Identity Disorder, previously called Multiple Personality Disorder. James participates in an
experiment to separate his personalities, all seven of which are faced with a choice – live separately or
join James again.
Grace Peserik, the vice president of the club, said the club has “been joking about it for the last two
years that the club has existed, so we thought, ‘Why not?’” Grace identifies the club as a safe space,
where members can explore and develop their creative writing skills.
“The people who wrote it” was president Kevin Ward’s joking response to being asked what makes the
novel interesting. Grace answered with, “It’s messy and chaotic, but it’s going to be awesome.”
The novel should be finished with a copy placed in the school library by the end of this year. Creative
Writing Club meets every Wednesday at 2:30 in Mrs. Petersel’s room, room 1-151.