GoodFellas Movie Review

Marlene Felix, Arts, Life, and Literary Reporter

Directed by Martin Scorsese


Regardless of the movie being two decades old, it is one of those films that has withstood the test
of time. GoodFellas is an old-fashioned film about the adventures of a young boy, Henry Hill,
growing up New Jersey surrounded with Italian mobster culture in the 1950s. After gaining the
mobsters’ blessings, Henry goes out and starts committing crimes for them. Later, Hill finds
himself in a toxic marriage that is spiraling downwards, and ends up resorting to drugs,
consequently serving time in jail for his heinous crimes. In the end, the members of the mafia,
previously seen as faithful and trusted, are exposed for their backstabbing disloyalty. This
brilliant film presents James Conway (Robert De Niro), Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), Tommy DeVito
(Joe Pesci) and many other gangsters. To find more about GoodFellas visit: