Cougar Football: Junior Varsity

Justin Dao, Sportswriter

Justin Dao
Raymond S. Kellis vs. Sunnyslope high school in a Junior Varsity Football match on October 3, 2019
Justin Dao
Last play of game seven Sunnyslope vs Raymond S. Kellis Highschool 3-22

The Raymond S. Kellis junior varsity football team tried to take there first winning season under new head coach, Ron Johnson, on October 3, 2019. Raymond S. Kellis and Sunnyslope high school competed in there seventh game of the regular season to grab the cougars third win.

The Cougars were not nervous but confident walking into the seventh game of the season looking forward to getting their third win. The team had a great practices days before the game hoping it can translate during this big game for the cougars. The Kellis Cougars had an amazing first quarter, the defense allowing only 8 points on them. However, the offense was struggling to put up points, giving up a couple of sacks. During the second quarter the Cougar offense stepped up and made outstanding plays. Running back, number 24 Shawn Hall, and wide receiver, number 10 Malik Iglus, shined, gaining the incredible yardage, and putting the offense in a great position. As well for defense continuing to shine and allowing only 6 points the whole quarter. As halftime approached, safety, Number 36 Izaia Rodriguez, came up with an incredible play during the last defensive drive and pulled off a great interception to seal off the first half of the game. During the third quarter both teams were quiet. At the end, the Cougar offense kicked up again and put up its first 3 points on the board of the game. As fourth quarter arrived both teams start to fall apart and upsetting plays were made. Cornerback, number 13 King Ahmad Al Ganima, came up with a spectacular interception with 2 minutes left in the game.

Unfortunately, the Kellis Junior Varsity team did not win the game and faced an upsetting defeat of 22-3. The Cougars continue to keep their head up and continue their season seeking out more wins to close out the end of the season.