Are Classes Too Long?

Mikayla Ross, Editorial and Opinion Reporter

(source: google images)

In the society we live in today, students are forced to go to school for most of the day. This is important because the length of classes at Raymond S. Kellis are 90 minutes, and they can leave a student feeling tired and exhausted in classes.

A new senior at Raymond S. Kellis, Catalina Gonzales, responded when asked about the class length, “I like it, but the classes are so long that I lose focus a lot or I get sidetracked.” Mark Davis, a returning senior at Raymond S. Kellis said, “I like the class lengths, but sometimes I wish they were shorter, given the fact that students can easily lose focus in an hour and a half long class.”

Students benefit from shorter classes so that they don’t end up as exhausted in them and are more attentive. The downsides to shorter classes would unfortunately be more homework and less time in class to be able to seek assistance from the teacher. All in all, the idea of having shorter classes at Raymond S. Kellis would be a good advancement from the regular 90 minutes of class, considering that students would not get so overwhelmed.