Arsenic and Old Lace: Kellis Theatre’s Upcoming Play, and What Theatre is All About

Alanna Rothell, Arts, Life, and Literary Reporter

Ms. Triveline
From left to right, Martha Brewster (Sara Nowdomski), Abby Brewster (Tara Peterson), and Johnathan Brewster (Diego Zarraga).

Kellis Theatre is putting on their first production of the year, Arsenic and Old Lace.

The play centers around Mortemor Brewster, played by Tristan Shilling, and his two aunts, Abby and Martha Brewster, played by Tara Peterson and Sara Nowdomski. Ms. Molly Triveline, the director of the play, describes the play as hilarious, also adding, “There are dead bodies… and you’ve got to see them”

When asked why people should watch the shows, Ms. Triveline called it a, “fun and cool experience you don’t usually get” because it’s unedited and is always a unique performance. She also compared it to TV, stipulating that instead of supporting big name artists “you’re supporting local artists.”

Ms. Triveline
From left to right, Elaine Harper (Jessie Moore), Mrs. Witherspoon (Joy Kim), and Mortemor Brewster (Tristan Shilling).

Ms. Triveline states that high school theatre is important because, “studies show that students who participate in theatre, or any art [program], do better in school, on standardized tests, and have a higher graduation rate,” and that students can gain transferable skills like compassion, teamwork, and creativity.

Theatre also creates a supportive community. Karyne Foster, who plays Officer O’Hara, calls it a home away from home; “I know some people have come out [of the closet] in theatre… it’s a safe space.”

Freshman Jordyn Areale Kinnard, who plays Lieutenant Rooney, agrees that  the community supportive. She always said she’s, “always loved the idea of being able to play a character or just act in general,” and she plans to continue being a part of the program.


Ms. Triveline
From left to right, Abby Brewster (Tara Peterson), Teddy Brewster (Conner Dewyer), and Martha Brewster (Sara Nowdomski).

Another large part of Arsenic and Old Lace’s production are the technicians, also known as the techies . They  handle lighting, sound, sets, and more. On why he likes being part of tech,  Toby J Weiss, the Technical Director of the play, says, “[He likes] being challenged with the freedom to be creative and the opportunity to use [his] critical thinking skills. ”

Arsenic and Old Lace is showing this week, October 10th, 11th, and 12th in the auditorium at 7 pm. Pre-sale tickets are available at for $5, and they cost $7  at the door.