Leemu Wesley, - Sportswriter

Kellis’s girls’  basketball is already putting in work before the season with camp, which was held from September 4, thru October 17, 2019, at Raymond S. Kellis from 6 to 8 pm every Wednesday and Thursday, where they have two-hour practices working on skills like ball handling, defense, and good sportsmanship.. Coach Haskins, Coach Meech, and Coach Hatch helped the athletes improve their skills and get in shape before the season. Last month,  the girls at Raymond S. Kellis have put in a lot of work on and off the basketball court before the season starts in November. The athletes competed every Saturday at Apollo High School, playing two games against varsity teams from other schools.  Freshman, Hannah Williams, who participated in camp and the games , said, “Playing every Saturday with the varsity players has helped me adjust to the flow of high school basketball.”  Kyra Jacobson, a nother freshman that also  participated in the camp and Saturday games said, “I have become a better point guard and my shooting has improved, too.” The camp is great for athletes who want to get ahead of their competitors before the season. Valeria Ramirez, a freshman, participated with Kellis basketball for the first time this fall said, “The camp really helped me improve as a player and person.” Both interviewees intend to attend the camp the following season.