A Rundown of Cougar Clubs

An overview of Raymond S. Kellis’s clubs and organizations


Grace Peserik and Kiana Garcia

According to Shirley Brice Health, about 45% of high school students join clubs and activities. Club membership develops leadership roles, social skills, and relationships with adult leaders. Lucky for students at Raymond S. Kellis, there is a wide variety of clubs available for students to join. Below is general information about many of the clubs Kellis has to offer.

Dance Club meets every Thursday after from 2:30-3:30 in the dance room: 3-109. The Dance Company teaches a new style of dance every week. Dance classes outside of Kellis can cost anywhere from $10-$20 per class, but in Dance club, the classes are free. There is a calendar of each week and its corresponding dance style posted on the dance room door. Dance club is a great method of meeting new people and getting active. Dance Club sponsor, Ms. Hailmann says, “All levels of experience are encouraged to come, and who knows? Maybe dance is your calling.”

Drama Club is hosted by Ms. Triveline in room 3-165, also known as the Black Box. Tuesdays are tech days from 3:00- 4:30, where kids can gain experience in the behind-the-scenes realm of theatre. General Days on Fridays are when students can work on production and acting monologues all while getting opportunities to play improv games, go on field trips, receive awards and gain scholarships opportunities. Ms. Triveline commented, “Drama Club is a good way to meet other people who are genuine and have good values, but also to work on confidence and other transferable life skills.”

DECA, hosted by Mr. Moreno, usually meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 2:30pm in the lecture hall. DECA is intended to teach student marketing and business skills through various competitions, field trips, and community service. “As an Advisor, I want the students to develop relationships with the other members and other DECA chapters at the District and State competitions,” said Mr. Moreno. This aspect of the club causes students to increase their confidence in social situations and practice their interpersonal skills.

Hosted by Mrs. Raymo, HOSA is a club for students interested in the health care field with emphasis on community projects that promote health and awareness. Meetings are currently scheduled for every other Wednesday in room 2-110 at 2:30 p.m., but this could change later in the year. Considering HOSA members sponsor the blood drives every year, Mrs. Raymo said, “This is a club for all students who want to be a part of helping people in our community of Kellis and beyond”.

Educators Rising meeting are still to be discussed and decided on. The meetings are held in room 1-101, Ms. O’Leary’s classroom. Ms. O’Leary said, “Educators Rising is CTSO, Career Technical Student Organization, for students who aspire to become a teacher or to gain leadership skills.” Students participate in state and national competitions and can earn scholarships.”

Culinary club meets after school on Tuesdays in room: 2-128, the Culinary Kitchen, hosted by Mrs. Albrecht. All are welcome to go to meetings after school to gain catering experience and have a few snacks too. “Cougars Culinary is a fun cooking and catering club where students get to meet new people and cook exciting things,” said Mrs. Albrecht.

Students who are passionate about photography should consider joining Raymond S. Kellis’s Photo Club. Photo Club is run by Mr. Bujan and it meets every Thursday in room 2-108. Mr. Bujan’s goal is to have many kids who are passionate about photography get involved with the club, so consider stopping by for a meeting.

Creative Writing club is hosted by Mrs. Petersel every Wednesday in room 1-151. Every week a writing activity is assigned that will be read at the following meeting. During meetings writing activities are done and either read out loud or done as a group. The goal is to help advance writing skills and create an environment for all kinds of writers to think freely.

Speech and Debate meetings are every Thursday in Room 1-259 starting at 2:30 with the sponsor Ms. Story. Speech and debate can help teach valuable skills for presentations and help bolster one’s confidence. “There is a wide variety of sub-categories in Speech and Debate, so there is something there that everybody can enjoy,” said the Speech and Debate club president.

Mr. Chavez and Ms. Tran sponsor the Esports Club at Kellis. Currently officers are still discussing when meetings should be held, but they are in room 1-113, the lab room. Esports club combines competitive esports and board games to form a united gaming community. They intend to compete in the High School Esports League, and they play board games like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering.

Gay Straight Alliance Club, better known as GSA, meets Wednesdays in room1-205. GSA is trying to change the social climate of the campus through their activities and in-depth discussions, so that every Kellis cougar can feel welcome every day. Alanna Rothell, GSA’s Vice President said GSA is a “fun, safe and welcoming place to spend your afternoons.”

Spirit line is a team ran by Mrs. Levers and they practice Monday-Thursday 2:30-4pm in the cafeteria. There are three teams, Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Competition, that preform for different occasions. Spirit line preforms for home Junior Varsity football games on Thursdays, and on Fridays for Varsity football games. When basketball season begins, they cheer for boys’ and girls’ Varsity home games. “Students should try out for cheer if they are interested in supporting the athletics here at Kellis and to represent Cougar Pride,” said Mrs. Levers. While tryouts for this year’s team have passed, interested students should try out for next year in the spring.

Student Council a 3rd hour class taught by Ms. Kilburg, that require much time outside of school as well. Student Council is a student led group that plans various school events, and its members are expected to be role models for the school, they are considered leaders on and off campus. To join, students must run in the student council elections and be elected by their peers. Ms. Kilburg, the Student Council teacher and sponsor, commented, “If you are interested in planning events and promoting school spirit on campus you should consider joining student council.”

National Honor Society was created to honor students who have excelled in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Mrs. Lamoreaux, National Honor Society’s sponsor, said, “To be eligible, students must be at least a sophomore and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.” This is a club that cannot be signed up for, students will be invited based upon their GPA. Meetings are every other Thursday beginning August 29 from 2:30-3:30 in the Lecture Hall, hosted by Mrs. Lamoreaux.

There are other clubs on campus that chose not to participate in this article, or they are not up and running yet this semester, so keep an eye out on the announcements for upcoming meetings. The clubs and their sponsors can also be found at: https://www.peoriaunified.org/domain/1999