Sullivan “Sully” Danielak-Kirberg suited up for Raymond S. Kellis 2019 Prom.

Suit Up for Unified

Local Tuxedo Shop Suits Sully

May 4, 2019

Sullivan “Sully” Danielak-Kirberg is a fellow senior at Raymond S. Kellis and is a part of the Unified Program. Sully participated in the WWE event that took place at Kellis a couple of weeks ago. There was a video of him arm wrestling a WWE wrestler while he displayed cougar pride with a huge smile on his face.

Larry Kessler, from Celebrity Tux and Tails, a local tuxedo rental/purchase company, saw the video of Sully and was completely captivated by his attitude, joy, and mere size. Kessler contacted Mr. Wakeford to offer a free suit for Sully, so that he can have something nice to wear to Prom and Graduation.

At 7 feet 4 inches tall, “he is the biggest guy I’ve measured in my 30 years,” Kessler said after he fitted Sully for his suit.

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