First Semester Comes to an End

Freshman Reflections

With Freshmen being the new kids on campus, they often learn valuable lessons, not just in their first year of high school, but in just their first semester. As this semester comes to an end freshmen Sofia Flores, Julles Moore, and Ruby Santos reflect back on their first semester as freshman.

Their semester was filled with making difficult decisions because they are trying to figure out who they are now and what type of person they want to become.

Flores said, “I’m happy with the decisions I’ve made in my first semester, because it’s gotten me into more advanced classes.”

Moore said, “I could have been happier with this semester, because I don’t think I put in as much effort as I could [of].”

Santos is happy with her decisions she made this semester because it led her to making “really amazing friends.”

As we grow and change our friendships change with us. As some friendships grow others whither.

When asked if they have seen what changes they have seen in their friendships, Flores says she has seen her relationships with her middle school friends change since she no longer has as much time to socialize due to the amount of homework she has on daily bases.

Moore claims they definitely change. High school is so much bigger and often times you don’t even see your “best friends” from middle school at all.

Santos doesn’t think her friendships have changed, but if they do, she said it will be because her and her.

A new and enjoyable characteristic of high school is the variety of electives, when asked about their favorite electives this far, Flores said her favorite elective is Personal Fitness because she gets to be active and doesn’t have to worry as much about the next test she’ll have in that class.

Moore only had 1 elective this semester which was ASL, but for her it was fun she said, “I got to meet lots of new people and learn a full other language!”

“Dance was my favorite elective; it was the most fun,” said Santos.

During the span of a school year there are many opportunities for improvement and luckily in high school there are two semesters meaning students can improve certain things to succeed during the second semester.

Something Flores would like to improve on for next semester is to procrastinate less.

Moore would like to work harder so she can have the grades she knows she is capable of.

Santos said, “Doing all my work would be something I want to work on next semester.”

Before entering high school, everyone has a vision of what to expect. Flores, Santos, and Moore speak of their wake-up call that high school is not what everyone imagines.

“This semester has shown me how hard high school is because of the amount of work that is given, and the higher expectations teachers have for me thus far,” said Flores.

Unlike Flores, Moore’s and Santos’ first semester made them feel better about high school.

This semester was a new experience for all freshmen around campus and they are now determined to take on the next semester