“I Am Enough” Project

One Person’s Mission is Another’s Blessing

January 15, 2019

This impactful project is reaching many, in not only the Kellis community, but beyond. Mrs. Gibson, a high school counselor at RSK, felt the need to remind her students that “they are enough,” and during the summer of 2018 this new project came to life.

Through the years Gibson has realized how hard students are on themselves; they constantly feel as though they will never measure up. Gibson’s idea was to print cards that say, “I am enough” and on the back of the cards, students would affirm themselves as far as why they are enough.

Gibson immediately received support, including having another staff member order wrist bands with the words, “I Am Enough.” Gibson was astounded by the attention her project was receiving. She expressed, “it’s growing, and I don’t know what it’s going to grow into.”

The opportunity to speak of the “I Am Enough” project arose and Gibson took it. Gibson promoted her new passion and project with the leadership and AVID classes. In those forums, she was able to spread the message that, “it’s to empower someone else, for now this is for you, it’s for me, but if you know someone that’s in a situation where they’re feeling like they’re not enough, then I want students to extend this to someone else.”

Gibson’s goal behind “I Am Enough” is to encourage students to see and believe their beauty in every season of life. Gibson reminds students, “You are not your situation.” No matter what your “enough” looks like, she says, “It’s whatever you want it to mean, my enough may be different from your enough.”

She wants RSK admin and students to know, “It’s not my program-it’s your program.” Spread the message and own it for yourself.

When RSK students and admin own this movement, then Gibson will be fully satisfied. Gibson’s greatest desire is for each person to attain and live by this motto.

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