RSK Winter Sports

Season Review and Preview

RSK Varsity Boys’ Basketball

By:  Jaydin Gonzales

The Kellis boys basketball team is off to a slow start, being 1-9 near the middle mark of the season, but with time to improve as a team, the players have been playing significantly better than how they did last season as Coach Thomson explains, “We’re playing a lot better than how we played last year, the games are a lot closer right now. We just have to learn how to finish a game and when we figure that out then we’ll definitely start winning more ball games.”

Coach Thomson also commented on leadership within the team. He stated, “I need my players to voice their opinions for the better and take charge.”

As a second year head coach for a varsity team, Coach Thomson hopes to come up with a game plan to put his team on track for the rest of the 2018-2019 season. He also encouraged all students to show up to the ball games, create a fan base, and support the boys throughout the season.

RSK Varsity Girls’ Basketball

By: Makayla Robertson

The varsity girls’ basketball team is taking big steps this year, even with the new head coach Shanelle Haskins, after previous coach Andrew Hogg resigned. When Haskins was asked what her thoughts where on the season, she replied that “They’ve [the players] made a lot of improvements since the beginning of the season, I think that good things are ahead for us.”

She seems very impressed with how the girls are hustling this season. Haskins stated, “I would like to see a lot of kids develop, skill-wise, but also as leaders on the court.” This year feels like a big year for the girls’ basketball team; it’s definitely a different vibe felt in the air and on the court.”

RSK Wrestling

By: Cathy Nguyen

The RSK wrestling team this season has been red hot, they have had a couple of tournaments and a majority of those tournaments were tough, but several of the wrestlers on the team had actually placed. So far, their record is 9-2 to start off the season. RSK Wrestling Head Coach Officer Cunningham stated, “the team is hungry, they’re learning, they are well equipped and we have a full squad for the most part varsity and JV and freshman we only have half of a squad, but we have some so we’re good to go.”

RSK wrestler Joshua Cruz believes in himself and the team. Cruz said, “I think the team is doing very well, with our talent and coaching staff we are improving every single day … we placed top ten as a team in the California tournament out of sixty schools.”

Cruz and his teammates have great chemistry on and off the mat, and he has a feeling that this season will be special, “I believe we can take our full lineup to state. This is just the start of something great.”

The RSK wrestling team is on the rise and they are looking to maintain their momentum in a very strong season.

RSK Varsity Boys’ Soccer

By: Austin Hepola

Varsity forward for the RSK Boys’ Soccer team, Mozafar Gandol, does not lack any confidence in his team and himself looking towards the rest of their season. When Gandol was asked what he thought of the season so far he stated, “The season started off great. We had a pretty good run in the tournament but we got unlucky with our final game. And our first game of the regular season could’ve been better. But we are starting to figure out our style of play and that grants us the ability to play the best of our play.”

The Varsity Boys’ Soccer record 1-1-1 and their tournament record is 4-2-1 to kick off the season, and Gandol believes “we can beat almost any team we go against.” The team has been consistent with their play and Gandol expects his teammates to “hold each other accountable”

He was asked who is a good leader on the team and he thoughtfully responded, “I think that Zach Schreiner is a player that has been great at doing exactly that.”

Gandol was asked what he believed makes him stand out on the team and his response was, “I think I have a different kind of charisma that other players on the team don’t possess … I’d like to think it is (charisma) more outgoing.” The varsity boys’ soccer team will continue to build their confidence over the rest of the season and are determined to get back into the playoffs as they did last year.

RSK Varsity Girls’ Soccer

By: Jasmin Espinoza

The Varsity Girls’ soccer team is having a successful season so far, with very few obstacles in their way. For Yamile Ruvalcaba, when asked how the season was going she replied with, “The season has been great so far, we have one tie, one win, and one loss. But the determination and hard work that we’ve been putting in is going to give us great results for the rest of the season.”

Being part of a sports team usually comes with some challenges, and Yamile spoke on what theirs was. She said “A challenge we’ve faced would probably be the most recent game we had which ended with a score of 0-5. But we’re just going to keep working on those gaps we have and continue to work hard and get better.”

Her favorite thing about being on the soccer team is being surrounded by her teammates, she said, “Because they are the sweetest and funniest you’ll meet. They have such positive attitudes which makes everything 10 times better for the team. They are also supportive and will never make you feel excluded.”

After the first few games into this year’s season, Yamile thinks the team doesn’t have anything major that they need to improve on.