Cougar Shopping Spree


Debora Carlson is holding goods donated for the Cougar Holiday Gift Shop.

Aryonna Mason and Jadyn Chavez

This year Kellis hosted a Cougar Holiday Gift Shop, to give students the opportunity to shop for themselves, friends, and family.

The Cougar Holiday Gift Shop is new to RSK this year. It has been an idea and has been talked about for many years, and this year it was set into motion.

Students were able to go shopping at the gift shop on December 20th. The items that students were able to purchase were donated goods, like candles, clothing, and jewelry.

Along with teachers who helped set up the Cougar Holiday Gift Shop, there are also students who helped put the gift shop together, like Chris Silva, Alondra Sandoval, and Sebastian Jose.

Silva, Sandoval, and Jose did not have a favorite part when it came to helping with the event, they just overall enjoyed helping out.

Prior to the event, when the students were asked about their thoughts on the event Silva said, “I feel like it’s going to be great.” Jose and Sandoval said, they appreciate all the help that is going into the event.

All three students planned on shopping for family, friends, and themselves at the gift shop. For example, Jose plans on buying socks.